I am extremely happy to have found Isabel and Blue Skies editing. As a non-native english speaker I had always had to correct my texts multiple times to make them really flow. Isabel could correct different kinds of texts for me quickly and accurately. She did not only correct grammatical mistakes but also changed the structure to make the text read much better. Personally I spend much less of my time now on my texts since I can always rely on Blue Skies. The service is great and the price really reasonable.

Eirini Trompouki, Max Planck Institute , Freiburg (Germany)


I am very satisfied with Blue Skies services. It was the first time I used text edition services and I couldn’t be happier. After I chose the target journal I contacted Blue Skies to help me improve my cover letter and to take my article writing to the level of English writing required by high standards scientific journals. My paper was accepted for publication in my first choice journal and the way the manuscript was organised and edited definitely made it easy for the reviewers to understand the message of the paper. As a non-native English speaker, I feel the role of Blue Skies was essential to enable me to articulate ideas and to transmit them efficiently and in perfect English. I would recommend Blue Skies to anyone and I will definitely use their editing services again.

Sérgio Cardoso, Institute of Evolutionary Sciences of Montpellier (France) 


I used Blue Skies services to edit a grant proposal after a recommendation by a colleague. I was very impressed with the quality of the work. The editor did in depth work correcting the language, the proposal was much clearer and easy to read which is very important when applying for competitive grants. And with her research background the editor could point out any inconsistency in the text or make useful suggestions on how to strengthen the proposal. The editor really pays attention to detail and with her corrections my proposal was greatly improved. I recommend Blue Skies editing services to every researcher and I will certainly use their services again.

Antonio Maraver, Institute of Cancer Research of Montpellier (France)


As Head of Laboratory it is my priority to present the research from my group at the highest standards. Being from a non-English speaking country, to guarantee the clarity and the fluency of our papers is a very time consuming task, and sometimes we are not so successful as we would like. After starting our collaboration with BlueSkies we noticed enormous gains in the quality control of the writing and in the time we dedicated to refine it. Our papers are now clearer, more impactful, and we can dedicate more time to ideas, experiments and methods, knowing that they will be brilliantly communicated.

Duarte Araújo, Faculty of Human Kinetics, University of Lisbon (Portugal)


I'm very satisfied with the work. This is the best editor that I have met. I used other science editing companies before but wasn't satisfied and then a colleague recommended me Blue Skies. With the excellent editing services of Blue Skies my manuscripts were accepted for publication. The editor corrects the language and also improves clarity and content of the manuscripts. I always recommend this editor to my colleagues and I will definitely continue to use Blue Skies for editing my future manuscripts.

Xilin Sun, Harbin Medical University (China)


I have been a customer of Blue Skies for quite a bit of time. The service the editor provides is fantastic and highly recommended. Although my advisor is a renowned scientist and a great English writer, he is too often busy to revise my manuscripts since I am a non-native speaker. Fortunately, I was referred to Blue Skies by another editor. I was skeptical at the beginning due to her not living in an English speaking country. However, her professional editing service was completely satisfactory to both me and my advisor. Being a PhD from University of Cambridge, the editor identified key questions from the draft and helped us revise and improve. Through communication with her, not only the language of my draft was deeply edited, more importantly, the manuscript was more scientifically sounding. With the success of the first service, I became a loyal customer of Blue Skies. I have also referred my several colleagues to Blue Skies. I would like to recommend this service to everyone, especially those who want to improve both language and content of their manuscripts.

Rui Tang, University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA)


I used Blue Skies company editing services because the Editor in Chief of the journal requested some corrections from a native English speaker to my scientific paper, moreover I had a deadline to deal with. I’m very pleased and satisfied of the editing of Blue Skies. The deadline's condition was respected and the editor not only corrected my manuscript but also greatly improved its quality. My paper is published now. I will recommend Blue Skies editing to my colleagues for sure, and I will use Blue Skies to edit my next scientific papers.

Najet Dimassi, High Institute of Biotechnology of Monastir (Tunisia)


The language of my paper has been much improved under the kind and careful editing of Blue Skies. The revised wording and sentence is professional and accurate. I am very pleased with the service.

Junbo Li, Henan University of Science & Technology (China)