Blue Skies Science Editing and Consultancy ® was founded in 2013 by Isabel Torres, MPhil, PhD.

Dr Torres is a member of  EASE

Dr Torres is a member of EASE

Dr Torres is an experienced science editor with a solid research background in genetics, molecular, cellular and developmental biology. After completing a PhD degree at the University of Cambridge (UK) and a postdoc at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (UK), she worked as a freelance science editor and writer until launching Blue Skies Science Editing and Consultancy ® in 2013.

Dr Torres published and co-authored several research papers in high-impact journals and has over 10 years of experience editing scientific manuscripts and grant proposals across a wide range of life science disciplines for research institutes, medical doctors and academic scientists around the world.

Blue Skies clients include the Max Planck Institute (Germany), Institute of Human Genetics (France), Institute of Molecular Genetics of Montpellier (France), University College London (UK), Institute of Molecular Biology Meinz (Germany), Institute of Cancer Research of Montpellier (France), Henan University of Science and Technology (China), Nova University of Lisbon (Portugal), University of Massachusetts, Amherst (USA), Harbin Medical University (China), Higher Institute of Biotechnology of Monastir (Tunisia), Institute of Technology (Portugal), amongst others.



Dr Torres has prepared manuscripts for submission to the following journals: Nature, Nature Chemistry, Science, Proceedings of Royal Society B, PLoS1, Developmental Cell, Nature Cell Biology, Science Translational Medicine, PeerJ, Small, Journal of Nanoparticle Research, Systematics and Biodiversity, Briefings in Functional Genomics, Oncotarget, Nanoscale, Scientific Reports, Biology Open, Frontiers in Psychology, Molecular Oncology, Human Molecular Genetics, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, Journal of Nanobiotechnology, Journal of Cell Science, Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Journal of Cell Biology, Cell, Development, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, etc.

She has also edited grant proposals for EMBO (Young Investigator, Installation Grant and postdoc fellowships), European Research Council (ERC Consolidator grant, FR7 Career Integration grant, Marie Curie postdoc fellowships), Alzheimer's Research UK, National Geographic, Human Frontiers Science Program (HFSP), Alzheimer's Society, Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (projects, PhD scholarships, postdoc fellowships), Wellcome Trust, Agence National de Recherche (ANR), Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (FRM), CNRS and Inserm (concours de chercheur), etc.


Blue Skies accepts payments by bank transfer, debit/credit card and PayPal.


Blue Skies Science Editing and Consultancy ® is a registered company based in France. 

SIRET: 795 370 865 00011